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… Seventy percent of my business comes directly from our website …

My name is Don. My partner Jim and I own Granicrete Australia P/L. We had a website and thought that was good enough, but soon learned that a website is like a car, it just sits there if nobody drives it. I was contacted by QuantumLinx and through a couple of conversations with them I was shown that my site did not rank on Google, not even in the top 10,000. However, just because someone says they are able to get your site ranked on Google does not mean they can.

I am a natural born skeptic, so of course I wanted proof. Long story short, I checked them out and found them to be a reputable company. Even so, I did not believe they could do as they claimed. I think the main reason I did not believe them was because I had heard it all before and tried a few large companies with adwords and all the rest, spending the big bucks and getting little to no results. When QuantumLinx said they could get me on the first page in a short period of time I figured that I might as well give them a try and see if they could deliver. Why not? I did not have to sign a contract for 12 months or anything like that.

Let’s just say it took the team at QuantumLinx just about half the time they said it would to get me on the first page with every keyword I gave them. I was extremely impressed, but not as impressed as I have been with the continued support for the last 3 years! Seventy percent of my business comes directly from our website. A wonderful website that QuantumLinx built for us. If you are thinking of doing business with QuantumLinx I would recommend that you get started now and let QuantumLinx drive your website to success!

~Don Jenkins
Granicrete Australia PtyLtd.


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