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Using Advanced Taguchi Testing, we’ll guarantee to outpull your best landing page by at least 30% in a simultaneous split run test. If we don’t pull at least 30% more of the desired response, we’ll refund any payments and you won’t owe us any further. See what we may be able to do for you

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Two examples of how our proprietary testing
systems have helped increase desired outcomes:

Landing Page Opt In
Rate Increased 208%

Boosted a landing page opt-in rate, increasing the number of qualified leads our clients’ sales team. Their opt-in rate before our methods was 3.42%, and after a 4-week test, they are now experiencing an opt-in rate of 10.53% and growing (208% increase).

Sponsored Links

Increased the Click through Rate (CTR) of sponsored links campaign from 1.25% to 6.53% (a 422% increase) within 3 weeks.

Sponsored Links

Increased the Click through Rate (CTR) of sponsored links campaign from 1.25% to 6.53% (a 422% increase) within 3 weeks.

We’re able to get such outstanding results because we:

  • Break your landing page down into its individual parts

  • Test all variations and interactions with each other simulating the equivalent of up to 32,768 unique ad variations through Taguchi Testing

  • Construct a landing page with the winning combination of each part and variation to be your new official control

  • Create test variations of each part of your landing page

  • Identify which part, variation and interaction of parts and variation is best at getting your visitors to take the desired action (spend money, subscribe to your newsletter, enquire about more information… whatever it is you want them to do)

  • Test this against your old ad so that you can see for yourself how much our new winning combination outpulls your original ad. Effectively, we combine our expert knowledge of copywriting, Taguchi testing and response generating design to get you business.

Our propriety system of testing have been designed for the ROI focused business owner.


  • “…I can’t believe how well PPC works. We can’t keep up. Many thanks for everything You & your team are doing …”

    Joseph Khoury

    Tree and Garden Solutions

  • “…We have too much work booked and are at full capacity. We are adding staff and resources … Thanks again and I would highly recommend you guys ,you have been brilliant….”


    Zeroharm l Fire Protection l Electrical Test and Tag I Pest Management

  • You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better… in only 4 weeks…

    Yuri Marshall


  • I’ve been with Quantumlinx 6 months, and the results have been terrific… many search terms related to my business, and my rankings have steadily grown each month…


    Eastside Speech Solutions

  • In your industry where many take your money and do very little for it you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine…

    Philip Bosner

    Goulborn Offroad Carts

  • The outcome was beyond my expectation; we are very pleased with the results and their excellent customer service….I would highly recommend QuantumLinx’s services for your business!…


    The Cendana Spa

  • The first serious website lead we had translated into a 200,000.00 fitout… QuantumLinx have paid for themselves many times over and I would highly recommend their commitment and service

    Tim Lassig, Director

    Hospitality Fitout Specialists

  • I now think of how much money I wasted before I contacted your company… and without reservation recommend [QuantumLinx] to any Organisation or Individual

    Martin Roschach, Director

    Reach for Life Health

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