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"You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better in only 4 weeks..."

Maximise ROI

More than just boosting
posts and getting likes

Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, are a one man shop or a multi-national, if you think Facebook advertising is limited to boosting posts and getting likes, you’re currently missing out on one of the greatest sales opportunities available to businesses today.

With over 1.3Bn active monthly users (13+ million in Australia), Facebook now allows you to:

  • Import email addresses of your best clients to reveal deep insights into your best audiences (sex, age, interests, pages liked etc).


The following are the age and sex distribution of all of our client’s past active customers (we won’t be wasting any money advertising to men below 25 and above 45)


How it works

Putting the right tools at your fingertips

The targeting options are endless. We’ve designed a unique
audience analysis process to leverage this data even further!
  • Show your ads to visitors that visited your site but didn't convert into a lead or sale (Facebook Retargeting)

  • Supplement your email marketing by advertising to your email list on their personal Facebook page (works great for dead/non-responsive and old lists too)

  • Increase your branding and touch points by showing your ads to your ideal audiences personal Facebook page on desktops, mobiles and even apps they use!

  • Clone your most valuable customers and do a highly targeted campaign to only those people

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is where Google Advertising was 7 years

Do not miss this opportunity to get cheap traffic

Facebook advertising costs have increased 267%. And it will only get more expensive as businesses discover how cheap they can get business, If they have professionals managing it

If you haven't set up your account correctly you won't even have access to these features

Free evaluation on what opportunities to generate
sales at a lower cost may be for your business.


We can create great results
for both B2B and B2C clients.

Two case studies of what we have been able to achieve (one B2B one B2C):
  • 1.

    (B2B) A company requiring B2B leads with an average sale value of between 2- 4.5k

    Before Quantumlinx
    CPL = 68.24 Quality = 25% of leads qualified
    After Quantumlinx
    CPL = 27.24 Quality = 78% of leads qualified
    Their professionally managed campaign was bringing in leads at an average cost of $68.24 with only 25% of the leads qualifying for their service (lead quality was a focus).
    3.5 months into the campaign, our client experienced more leads, 60% cheaper and at 3x the quality (we brought their cost per lead town to $27.24 and were told 171 out of the 218 leads we delivered were great quality.
  • 2.

    (B2C example) A private school
    requiring event registrations

    Before Quantumlinx
    CPL = $550+ Quality = 10-15+ leads a week
    After Quantumlinx
    CPL = $76.48 Quality = 5-13 leads a day
    Their professionally managed campaign was bringing in leads at an average cost of $550+ with only 10-15 leads a week.
    We increased the number of leads significantly while delivering them at an 81% discount. We consistently delivered 5-13 leads per day at an average cost per lead of $76.48 for a 5 figure product.

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