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A Guide to Facebook Marketing

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As Facebook goes public this week, we thought it would a good idea to go over some tips on how to market on Facebook. It is after all the largest and most visited social network on the planet. Here are some statistics to give you an idea of its size:

  1. Of the 800 Million+ users on Facebook, over 500 Million are active at any given time.
  2. became the #1 ranked website in the US on March 9, 2010.
  3. received 9% of all US Internet visits in April 2012.
  4. People share more than 30 billion pieces of content every month, including links, news stories, blog posts, photo albums, and notes.
  5. More than 2 Billion posts are “Liked” and commented on every day.
  6. The term ‘Facebook’ is the most searched term in the US and has been for the past three years, starting the week ending July 18, 2009.
  7. Over 7 Million websites and apps are integrated with Facebook
  8. Over 350 Million users access Facebook via their mobile devices
  9. is the top social networking site in the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore markets.
  10. is the top overall site in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. ranks 2nd in the UK, Brazil, France and Australia.

Looking at these statistics, there is clearly a strong case for you to add Facebook marketing to your arsenal if you haven’t yet already done so. In this article, I’ll be listing ways on how you can do just that for your business.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook offers three tools for marketing your business. You can either create a Facebook fan page (free), Facebook Ads (can be expensive) and build or join groups (free). Each of the following features has its own purpose and if you sync them well it can boost your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Fan Pages

You can create as many Facebook pages as you want for free. It is similar to your Facebook profile but it is used by Public Figures, Businesses, Communities and Organizations to reach through their customers / fans, notify them of events, discounts and information.

Top 10 Brands on Facebook (ranked by number of Fans)

  1. Youtube – 57,937,674 Fans
  2. Coca-Cola – 42,042,021 Fans
  3. Disney – 35,763,996 Fans
  4. MTV – 34,433,144 Fans
  5. Converse – 30,471,240 Fans
  6. Starbucks – 30,134,655 Fans
  7. Red Bull – 28,209,385 Fans
  8. Oreo – 26,481,994 Fans
  9. Playstation – 22,846,467 Fans
  10. Skittles – 21,931,561 Fans

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Resources

Setting up a Winning Facebook Fan page – Mashable discussed the importance of a Facebook Fan Page for your Business. This post is a beginner’s guide for setting up a fan page and getting the most out of it.

Make the Most of Your Fan page – Top rank blog listed 5 tips for making the most out of a Fan page from maintaining the page, promoting a contest and engaging your fans and customers.

Marketing Strategies for New Facebook Fan Pages  – Kissmetrics gave out 7 tips on how to take advantage of the changes Facebook and use them to market to your audience.

Fan Page Marketing Mistakes – Here are some common mistakes made in building fan pages, and how to avoid them.

Facebook Ads

A feature offered by Facebook is an advertising platform you can use to promote your business through paid advertising to Facebook members. Facebook advertisers can bid for how much they are willing to pay per click from their ad, and can put in a maximum budget for  their advertising, The advertising can be targeted based on the demographics, age, sex and geography of the audience they want to target. If you have a good idea of what your ideal audience looks like – you can put that to use by being very targeted in your advertising..

Facebook Ad Marketing Resources

Improve your Facebook Advertising Results – Social Media Examiner listed 6 tips on how to improve your campaign on Facebook Advertisements. If you are already starting your ad campaign this can help you improve your return on your investment.

Facebook Advertising Guide – Shoemoney shared his Facebook Advertising presentation thru a video. He talks about how the cost and tips on setting up. If you are starting up your ad campaign, this video can help you.

Facebook Advertising Laws – Allfacebook published “10 Laws Every Marketer Needs to Know”. While published in 2010, it still gives you tips you should consider when running your  ad campaigns on facebook.

Facebook Groups

A place for small group communication similar to discussion forums with similar features to what pages and profiles have.  It is a place for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, and discuss issues, post photos and share related content. You can create groups related to your business or product offerings as a way to reach out to potential customers.

How to Market using Facebook Groups

Don’t create a group that represents your business instead create a group based on your industry your business is into. In this way you don’t scare people thinking that you might flood their walls with product promotions. Groups are another great way to market because you are targeting a much focused audience. With Facebook Groups you can do the following:

Encourage Discussion – A group is like a mini forum. Discussion can easily be started by any member of the group. Ask everyone; get their feedbacks and insights about the latest news on your industry. In this way you can create new products / services and adjust your marketing plan.

Tip: When creating a group make sure you set rules about content sharing just to make sure you spammers won’t overrun your group.

Join Groups – building a list of members for your group is tough and time consuming. If you don’t have the time to create a group join groups that are relatively close to your niche/industry where your customers are also members. This method also has its drawback; some groups are strict with their policies so better be careful posting promotional content. You want to make sure you contribute to the group first regardless. No one likes being sold to directly, so you need to just use caution.

Tip: Make sure to check and ask the admin of the group about their policies on posting promotional content. It is better to follow rules as you may lose the opportunity of being in a group with possible customers.

Group Messages – Facebook groups also allow sending bulk messages to its members giving you another opportunity of promoting your product / services. Remember though, only do this when its appropriate. It works like email allowing you to send messages to its members.

Tip: Share something interesting and that will catch the group’s attention. Consistently do this to gain their trust and build influence and relationship.

Final Tip

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for business. When you do start your Facebook campaign you do want to also make sure its benefiting your bottom line. So you should track your campaign to see how many additional sales its bringing in. This is crucial because to continue to market on Facebook the right way it does require some investment of time (and money) – and you want to make sure its worthwhile.



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